Getting ready for your mini session

never looked so good!

Here you will all my hints, tips and ideas to have you looking your very best!

These are full of handy information in getting ready for your session. I'm only a message away to help guide you on the best styling to have you all looking your best!

My goal as your photographer is to make your whole experience as seamless and comfortable as possible. 

One of the main questions clients ask me is “What do I wear??” 

I hear ya. You’ve invested in your photography . . . and you want your photos to come out incredible, so you can use your images for all the things . . . .

If you look around my website, you can see my shooting and editing style is bright, airy, poppy, warm, and all about the connection.

Truth Bomb: What you wear will affect how your photos turn out. If you wear heavy and dark colors, or busy patterns your photos will not appear in a light and poppy way.

Here is list of general recommendations on what photographs well:

  • Neutrals (white, ivory, tan, grey, beige, etc..)
  • Soft colors, blue, peach, pink, etc
  • Pastels
  • Solids or light florals; subtle patterns

Highly recommend not wearing:

  • Graphic tees
  • Sweatshirts
  • Busy patterns
  • Identical matching outfits
  • All black or dark colors

[If you prefer to dress in darker clothes, try adding accents with dark blue, black ,etc… rather than the whole outfit]

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to dress up a little! Dress casual looks natural and timeless!

Remember, these are just basic recommendations and guidelines. This photo session is about you! I want you to feel like you! I want you be comfortableI want you to feel beautiful! So, let your outfit choices reflect that! 

Places like Target, Best and Less and Cotton On have started stocking some amazing, classic pieces in recent times. It is worth checking them out!

Below are links to my Kids Styling Helper, and an Inspo Pinterest Board, simply click on the image to open them up!

I've linked most of the items in the guide, unfortunately, not all links work even a few days later! If it sends you to a dead end, scroll over the image in the Helper Guide, and it will show you where it's from, and the name of the. garment to search for :)

Tash x

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